It's heartbreaking to realize that something is wrong with your body, especially if it threatens your feminine energy and purpose as a woman

Ready to Break Through Heavy Blockages and Become Your Most Fertile Self?

For Women Facing Physical Blockages in Their Womb or Struggling With Their Fertility

Learn How to 

Unblock Your Womb

in 5 Steps

...Even If You've Never Tried Energy Healing Before

Use This Breakthrough Five Step Technique To Heal Your Womb, Revive And Regulate Your Feminine Flow, And Become Your Most Fertile Self

Vicki Renz

No More Feeling Unworthy as a Woman, No More Anxiety Around "What Ifs", or Putting on a Brave Face

Just Five Straightforward Steps

Womb Healer, Author, YouTuber and Loving Mother

Here's the secret:

Me before womb healing:

I was a shadow of my normal self; being labelled with "unexplained infertility" after recurrent miscarriages and worrying about an ovarian cyst left me feeling feeling inadequate as a woman, unworthy of becoming a mother and so alone. I didn't want to socialize. I felt like the world was against me and somehow I had been cursed.

Me now: 

Two sons after two full term pregnancies, feeling like a positive, flowing, confident woman and mother. Every single day I pour my passion into guiding others to understand their body and experience positive shifts in their lives. 

What changed? 

Following all the checks at a top fertility center, there was no explanation for my struggles so I turned to self healing; connecting deeply with my womb energy to understand the root causes behind my struggles and blockages so that I could heal and release them. I started to feel energised, renewed confidence and my self belief grew as I gradually released sadness, trauma, heaviness and negativity. 

My womb became a loving, welcoming space, ready to receive and nurture my children. 

I healed my womb. My cyst disappeared. My fifth pregnancy was a success. 

I used my own healing techniques, a combination from years of study and practice. 

This is way more than surface level positive affirmations and sending good thoughts to your womb; my technique connects you with cellular memory in your womb, bringing deep energetic shifts which create transformation, reviving your feminine flow.

Hundreds of Women are Reviving Their Fertile Flow*

- missed, irregular periods return to regular flow, struggling to conceive ladies get pregnant, IVF procedures are successful, ovarian cysts reduce and release naturally

Obviously I cannot promise you'll read my book and get immediate results. It takes consistent self work, motivation and self belief to achieve the same results of myself and my 1:1 clients. 

But it is working. And not just for one or two ladies.

Let me share some results with you from some of my 1:1 clients and WOMMB Tribe members...using the Five Steps Technique you'll find inside of this book:

What Would Your Life Look Like if You Released Your Fertility Blockages Like So Many of My Clients Have?

Finally getting pregnant after trying to conceive for endless months!

IVF success after failed IUIs and full of fear

Getting regular period after months of no flow

Enjoying self healing in my WOMMB Tribe

Enjoying 1:1 Womb Healing and a cyst is gone!

*Disclaimer: I have to tell you....results like this are not typical. I've been doing energy healing work for 18+ years. These ladies get amazing results because they are 100% committed and consistent. Most women don't put into action what they learn in this book so they don't experience results at this level. Womb healing requires dedication and persistence to release your blockages and revive your feminine flow.

But for those that are willing to dedicate yourselves to healing naturally and put in that daily self work, I can guide you how to transform your struggles using a simple technique that works.

The book I have for sale on this page is called "Unblock Your Womb With the Five Steps Technique"

A method for transforming your quality of life by accessing and releasing heavy energies stored at cellular level in your womb

It's an investment of only $6.99 USD (PDF version)

It's a straightforward, self-explanatory energy healing technique to help you revive your feminine flow

It outlines where you could be disconnected from your feminine energy and how to revitalise your connection and start all important communication with your womb

Here's Some of What You'll Discover Inside This Groundbreaking Book:

  • How to make time for effective womb healing with a busy schedule
  • Techniques for transforming your quality of life by accessing and releasing heavy energies stored at cellular level in your womb
  • The science behind womb healing (HINT: energy healing is far from "woo woo" when you learn how to correctly implement my techniques and connect with your cellular memory)
  • Self-assessment exercises and advice for your best way forward to make progress with your womb healing
  • It outlines where you could be disconnected from your feminine energy and how to revitalise your connection and start all important communication with your womb
  • Straightforward, self-explanatory guidance to help you revive your feminine flow
  • How to implement womb healing exercises into your everyday routine
  • Why modern day masculine society and the internet are throwing your reproductive system completely out of balance (PLUS how to overcome this)
  • How to effectively handle your inner critic and feel confidently in control of your thoughts
  • How much energy and vibration affects our optimal flow as a human being
  • How the four elements of nature influence your inner-balance and well being (PLUS how to identify where you are out of balance and what to do to get it back)
  • The importance of energetic protection and how to set this up for yourself (This is going to help you massively in your every day life as well)
  • Bonus access to Womb Vitality Workshop 
  • Bonus womb revival meditation
  • And much more support to get your womb flowing with revived energy...

It Works Even If You Don't Have One Hour a Day to Devote to Womb Healing

You might be thinking that you'll need to invest a lot of time in order to connect deeply with your womb and shift your blockages. 

I usually spend less than 30 minutes on womb healing every day. I'm a busy working mum and that's all the time I have to I make sure I use it well.

Also, most of my clients are incredibly busy. It's really about what womb healing can bring to them:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved self esteem
  • Techniques for dealing with feeling inadequate
  • Simple and effective routines for womb connection
  • Revived quality of life
  • Hormonal balance
  • Regular flow
  • Pain relief

That's why I'm so excited to be sharing this offer with you today!

Get The Book Now and Receive These Bonuses for FREE

Bonus #1

Womb Healing Mastery Workshop

My most loved workshop. I guide you through the first three steps of my Five Steps Technique so that you gain confidence with connecting in with your womb. 

I also include an embodied journaling and a gentle breathwork technique. Great for getting closely connected with your body and feeling the energy of my womb healing techniques. 

Bonus #2

Womb Flow Revival Meditation

Let's get you communicating with your womb and feeling deeply connected with your inner feminine. Refresh the energy in your womb space, helping it to become unstuck so that you release blockages.

This 15 minute meditation guides you inwards to communicate with your womb and discover the energies behind your blockages. You'll be feeling refreshed and revived after taking this short time out of your busy life, giving you renewed energy flow to continue with your day ahead.

Here's my guarantee - try my book and bonuses for 1 full year.

If for some reason you don't find them useful, I'll refund you the full $6.99.

Just send my support staff an email at:

See you on the inside.

Love Vicki

PS. Here's a recap of the above for those of you who don't like reading...

  • My 5 Step Technique connects you with deep cellular level memory, guiding you to understand the root cause(s) behind your blockages. It is scientifically proven that bodily organs are directly affected by cellular memory; negative energy at this level could be what's behind your struggles.
  • This is an self-explanatory womb healing technique which fits into your busy schedule and brings positive transformation with your consistency and dedication.
  • For just $6.99 you can get the book (PDF version), teaching you straightforward, daily techniques to connect with your womb energy and start healing your blockages.
  • Also, if you get the book today, I'm giving you 2 extra bonuses. One with me guiding you through the first 3 steps of my 5 Step Technique which also includes embodied journaling and a releasing breathwork exercise, another from my womb meditations, connecting you with your inner feminine, helping the energy in your womb to become unstuck in just 15 minutes.
  • You can try the book and bonuses for 1 full year. If you don't like them, for whatever reason, I'll refund you the $6.99USD.

About the Author

Vicki Renz started Oh My Mama Body in 2019 with the intention to support women to understand their bodies

Everything Vicki does is based on her own experiences of recurrent miscarriage, unexplained infertility and healing.

Thanks to an online educational company, Vicki was able to learn the technical skills to create her website, YouTube channel, courses and marketing skills to create her emails and help women to find her much-needed guidance.

Vicki reaches hundreds of thousands of women daily with her relatable and supportive content on Social Media. She absolutely loves supporting women in her WOMMB Tribe and 1:1, it's such a joy for her to witness so many beautiful transformations as ladies discover womb healing for themselves.

When she is not working with the energies, Vicki enjoys traveling and adventure from camping in the French Alps to diving in the south Pacific. 

Above all, Vicki loves spending time with her family; supporting and motivating her sons with their hobbies and passions.

Unblock Your Womb and Become Your Most Fertile Self Using My "Five Steps" Technique

Get Your Copy of Unblock Your Womb With The Five Steps Technique Now

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